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SNES Fox by Tyulyen SNES Fox by Tyulyen
I was looking around for a some StarFox fonts, but the only one I found was this one. That is of course a very nice font, but I was hoping for at least one of the in-game text as well. After a bit more searching I found a nice rip of the text from the SNES game. So, I really only did a few characters from scratch (mostly symbols and a couple obscure katakana) and it's not 100% identical to how it appears in game. As seen in the image above I did use this as my system font (along with Arwing for the title bars and desktop). That's the main reason I did this. I like to have a central theme for my laptop and everything needs to match.

The name is really lame, and I'll consider suggestions for a better one. Also, it looks best at 12pt, but 10pt is kind of okay-ish too. If anyone has rips of the text from the other games I could do that too when I have some free time.

StarFox and the majority of this font are property of Nintendo (I guess).
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August 14, 2012
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